Friday, June 10, 2011

Baba declares assets, but gives few details - Indian Express

Baba declares assets, but gives few details - Indian Express

Very nice business Idea, I never thought of. 1100 crore INR ( 250 million USD) in 17 years, without taxes and without any responsibilty, enjoy yourself. Baba of business empire.
India has many such big empires build on peoples money known as donations which are never accounted, this all money is black money. Just few days ago Satya Sai baba died , it is said he had wealth of more than 11000 crore.
India has always had a love affair with sadhus, sants and sundry babas, but till not too long ago, these worthies tended to stay out of public life. They had large numbers of followers and it was hardly a secret that many politicians were among them, but the holy men (and a few women) did not dabble in politics, at least not openly. Ministers and Governors (and Supreme Court judges too) routinely fell at the feet of such babas, but if at all any politics was discussed, it was behind closed doors.
What about wealth of many more baba's, these are the black money holders, their devotees give them black money, all this money must go to peoples of India.

Those who talk of black money must come clean themselves on black. Baba Ramdev is not Anna.

I'm raising only a nationalist force: Ramdev

He want to raise a force, saffron force which is called nationalist force. Force of Sadhwi Rithmbara and Sadhwi Pragya Singh and Naredra Modi. These are the people who want to destroy communal harmony of the country. Nationalist Force is Hindu force and it is not Baapu has dream. Those who killed Baapu can not be called patriotic, patrotic about well being of India and peoples of India. They can only be called terrorist.

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