Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fuel price hike to push inflation into double-digit: PMEAC

Do India needs Petrol and Diesel Subsidies?

If we look at India's Subsidies budget, it s going up very fast. Because of these subsidies most of the major developmental initiatives are going no whee. Investment in Development of Agriculture Infrastructure and Investment in Water mnagement along with Railway Connectivity, Road and Airport developemt which can change india's landscape are way behind the schedule?

To whom really government want to subsidies? The rich middle cost, who can afford car of INR 1 million or may be more? Why? For what?

These subsidies are killing the development must be relook at?
instead of giving Fuel Subsidies government should invest in Public Transportation system. This will stop wastage and give long awaited speed to development?

The whole issue of subsidies and the way they are given must be re looked at? The way number of vehicles are increasing in India? How much subsidies this government afford to give?
There shouldnot be free bies of luxury?

India needs to invest much more in Health, Education and transporation along with agriculture.

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