Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Black Day For Indian Industry and Development of West Bangal

The Singur Drama - Justice or Injustice - Development or Backwardness

Revenge will never deliver anything, it will only deliver revenge. Those with good heart and good intentions never go for revenge.

Today is very sad day for West Bangal, it will start a long road to injustice. If west bengal people voted for development, Mamata Di with Pranob Da can not deliver it. In my career, I saw and experienced Tata's very closely and worked with their many social veentures.

I can say 100% and I am more confident no one Indian industrial house has the record as good as of Tata's to deliver the society, the most wanted justice.
Tata Trust and Tata Brand in general are known for their social commitment for last more than 150 years. This is more than the life span of Da and Di together. Tata's changed life of people through out the nation.

I remember very well when I was doing my MBA from Pune University, we visited Tata Motors and saw how their HRM work. I am really surprised to see how much care they take about their people. The man who was heading HRM knows workers with names, their kids and what they doing. What are the problems they are facing in society and always eager to solve it.

After my MBA, I was with the team which launched Tata Select Equity ( first socially responsible and shariah compliant fund of India.). I worked on many projects fully supported by Sir Ratan Tata Trust and Sir Dorabaji Tata Trust. I know how much they care about the society and problems society facing for livelyhood.

Unfortunately this is worst of decision by Di and Da. It will take West Bengal to 19th Century.

What is the record of Di and Da? Do they really have anything to show, except derailed Railway? From profit making to losses? Apart from shounting what else Di can do?

This will not be justice to anyone, it will start long battle between the state all powerfull and those who care for peoples of nation, definitely Tata.
Tata's has impeachable record of , no one can take it by legislation. This is long judicial battle. The battle which may take 25 years may be more, only my next generation will see if at all it happens, who wins.

Brand of Tata will win Hearts, because it is in Hearts of Indian. It is brand of India. No one can defeat it.

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