Sunday, June 19, 2011

India - Challenges of Growth and Development

Corruption, BlackMoney , Lokpal and Affordibility of life ( Inflation)

Everyone is talking about corruption and one of most loved topic of media is black money, and now lokpal bill. There are many debates on all of this and everyone is talking about how to manage it or reduce the corruption.
I have not seen much talked and discussed about how these money is created, and why it is created and how to put of the hole.
Lokpal bill is one of the most important bill and it will improve the responsibility and bring corrupt cases into to forefront. Like RTI ( right to information act) it will be great achivement. This all will go in long way to become a nation who cares its people. I am not talking of Developed countries who do not care their own people and are arrogat. I am not talking of those who are least concerned about human rights and responsibility of powerful.
No, I am talking of nation India, who is responsible and humble towards world and its own people. Where every hand get work and dignity to sleep peacefully everynight with food and not worried for tomorrow's needs.
The major issues which India is facing to grow, and to grow responsibily. Without snatching or stealling from his own brothers and sisters.

  • Sources of Black money - One of the greatest challenge is our taxation system. India needs to deal with it and close the loopholes which creates blackmoney. ( I will write in detail on the issue. Only salaried class is tax payee because it is paid in bank and those who deals in millions of cash never gets tax notice)

  • India's Mandi Act ( food grain and agriculture commodities act)- This second source of proliferage.

  • Cash Transaction and banking in India. - All retail and wholesale trading happens as cash transaction. This must stop. This is source of black money, all kind of wholesale and retail transaction must be through bank. This will reduce cash and black money. Still more than half of India do not have banking account, let us make banking affordable to them. Give everyone of them account and reduce cash in system.

  • Indian Real Estate - Biggest investor or source where black is invested.

  • India Judiciary - Presently more than 10 years backlog is there in Supreme Court for constitutional bench. What kind of Governace are we talking off. If our highest court can not deal with matter of constitution for 10 years and many more years. The backlog of all other cases are well known. This is not justice system. India needs change in very first dimension of democracy, the justice. If this system can not deliver justice, what are we then talking off? We need a system which is time bound and accountable to deliver justice.

  • Accountability - If everyone is accountable and responsible for his task, why not judiciary? Let there will be system where Judiciary, including Highest Judiciary be held accounatable and required be prosecuted? Everyone here is human being and can make mistake so is judiciary, let there be a system which will held them accountable?

  • India Bureucracy - Let there be reform in indian bureucracy, politicians goes and comes back but our bureacracy remains there and needs to be cleaned.

  • Indian Criminal System - This is one of the area needs revamp. India needs clean, non corrupt IPC. Law and Order should be separate from investigation. Police and associated system is most corrupt and unaccountable system. They can put any one behind the bar for years under different law and after 5 to 10 years judiciary acquits him of wrong doing. What about lost time and injustice to him? Extra judicial killing is one of the most common phenomenon of Indian Police and Military. They are contract killer for Politician ( Gujarat or Business Mans, Delhi and Mumbai Cases). Do really India want such Police Force. We need a force, which people love to go to help. Present system is the system of British Empire and needs facelift.

  • Inflation is India's Foreign Policy Challenge and not Fiscal Policy Challenge.

  • Inflation is Indias Development Challenge, and not monetary or Fiscal Management.

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