Friday, November 5, 2010

India's Growth - Where is poor going............

India Capitalist Way
India is growing and growing very fast but where is its poor going...........unfortunately I am not able to see. Stock market is zooming, how many indians are investing in it. When world's biggest capitalist is coming to India, at this time the most important question the government must answer .. " Where its commitment lies?".

Unfortunately this goverment may be good for rich, but with all words of development poverty is rising. If India fails to include its poor in growth and development, then it is going to be disastar for the nation.

Unfotunately present government with all its rhetoric for inclusive growth fail to include the poor in this story of development. Life and its affordability becoming more and more difficult for poor.

Healthcare, drinking water and electricity, housing , sanitation all are absent in rural India. Electricity comes occasionaly and yes no water in summer. Malnutrition Childs are highest here.

India's Hungry
Without taking all together, growth can not be servived.

Water Conservation and Agriculture and village industries should be the pririty of the development.

Privatisation ............ or selling of old assets of nation can't solve the real problem.

New paradigm of development is must....... which includes all sections of societies.