Friday, October 16, 2009

Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Obama Why not to Mahatma Gandhi


World’s One of the Greatest Proponent of Peace and Harmony Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi has never got Nobel Peace Prize “BAPU” OR “MAHATMA GANDH”

The Nobel Peace Prize for 2009 BARACK OBAMA

The Reason
“Obama has as President created a new climate in international politics. Multilateral diplomacy has regained a central position, with emphasis on the role that the United Nations and other international institutions can play. Dialogue and negotiations are preferred as instruments for resolving even the most difficult international conflicts. The vision of a world free from nuclear arms has powerfully stimulated disarmament and arms control negotiations.”
The Nobel committee awarded the 2009 Peace Prize to President Barack Obama Friday, Oct. 9, in a prospective, premature accolade normally reserved for those who have accomplished considerable, tangible results in the pursuit of peace.
To be sure, Obama has tried to advance the cause of peace. His speech in Cairo in June attempted to address the shortcomings of both the Muslim world and America and was viewed as a first step towards reconciliation.
The Nobel Peace Prize for 2007 Albert Arnold (Al) Gore Jr.
The Norwegian Nobel Committee has decided that the Nobel Peace Prize for 2007 is to be shared, in two equal parts, between the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and Albert Arnold (Al) Gore Jr. for their efforts to build up and disseminate greater knowledge about man-made climate change, and to lay the foundations for the measures that are needed to counteract such change.
Indications of changes in the earth's future climate must be treated with the utmost seriousness, and with the precautionary principle uppermost in our minds. Extensive climate changes may alter and threaten the living conditions of much of mankind. They may induce large-scale migration and lead to greater competition for the earth's resources. Such changes will place particularly heavy burdens on the world's most vulnerable countries. There may be increased danger of violent conflicts and wars, within and between states.
JIMI CARTER The Nobel Peace Prize 2002
During his presidency (1977-1981), Carter's mediation was a vital contribution to the Camp David Accords between Israel and Egypt, in itself a great enough achievement to qualify for the Nobel Peace Prize. At a time when the cold war between East and West was still predominant, he placed renewed emphasis on the place of human rights in international politics.
Common thread to this prize
· This prize is given for the US President and Vice President for doing nothing inside the US, changing the world for US and protecting the interest of strong US lobbies who pays them to became President.
“Change the world for peace, and Camp David Accords between Israel and Egypt (this is what exactly press release of Noble Peace Prize Committee says…………….Now we need second Camp David…………Mahmood Abbas has already withdrawn his support to UN Report on Gaza War Crime and will not come to discussion in UN Human Rights Body). And the Al Gore for Environment but precisely speaking America has not rectified KYOTO agreement and will not rectify it in future they want everybody else to change but they will not change themselves and “ Change has Come” we need peace accord in middle east but interest must be secured so before had award come and much more to come. But all actions are nothing to do with USA itself but they are outside and to protect the interest, this precisely call says change the world for us, we will not change for you. USA will remain the same, it will not sign KYOTO accord and award is for Al Gore to convince whole world to rectify it. (Environment Protection) “Change has arrived” for world, for all countries and call for action to change the world, “Not USA”. USA will continue to hold WMD, modern WMD the finance structured product and derivatives and futures and options, put many people in poverty using it and no body will question. USA will continue to ask all benefits from all nations in WTO Doha round and Environment Summit and will not give anything to others and will not share any responsibility for the same and continue to emit Carbon gases to the maxim. “This is what exactly means CALL FOR ACTION, Protect American Interest, Change the World for American interest “CHANGE HAS COME”.

Bapu We Are Sorry We Can’t Deliver To You What You Deserve
But Great People Don’t Need Prize, They are Great by Their Action and Devotion. Bapu sacrificed whole life for philosophy he believed in and died for it.

World of Bapu’s Dream Free of Poverty and Corruption, Sustainable and Free of Arm and Ammunition (Swaraj, Suraj a Ahimsa) –
Bapu man of action who liberated India from the clutches of British Empire with his philosophy of Ahimsa, the fought the empire with his power of Ahimha( Non Violence), Truth and Self Reliance and Sustainable ( Charakha and Khadi)

Village SwarajMy idea of village Swaraj is that it is a complete republic, independent of its neighbors for its own vita wants and yet interdependent for many others in which dependence is necessary. Thus, every village's first concern will be to grow its own food crops, and cotton for its cloth. It should have a reserve for its cattle, recreation and playground for adults and children. Then, if there is more land available, it will grow useful money crops, thus excluding GANJA, tobacco, opium and the like. The village will maintain a village theatre, school and public hall. It will have its own waterworks ensuring clean water supply. This can be done through controlled wells or tanks. Education will be compulsory up to the final basic course. As far as possible, every activity will be conducted on the co-operative basis. There will be no castes such as we have today with their graded untouchability. Non-violence with its technique of Satyagraha and non-co-operation will be the sanction pf the village community. There will be a compulsory service of village guards who will be selected by rotation from the register maintained by the village.
THE REAL India lies in the 7, 00,000 villages, if Indian civilization is to make its full contribution to the building up of a stable world order, it is this vast mass of humanity that has….to be made to live again.
We have to tackle the triple malady which holds our villages fast in its grip : (I) want of corporate sanitation ; (ii) deficient diet; (iii) inertia . . . They [villagers] are not interested in their own welfare. They don't appreciate modern sanitary methods. They don't want to exert themselves beyond scratching their farms or doing such labour as they are used to. These difficulties are real and serious. But they must not baffle us…
Mass Production vs. Production by the Masses
I would categorically state my conviction that the mania for mass-production is responsible for the world-crisis. Granting for the moment that machinery may supply all the needs of humanity, still, it would concentrate production in particular areas, so that you would have to go about in a round about way to regulate distribution, whereas, if there is production and distribution both in the respective areas where things are required, it is automatically regulated, and there is less chance for fraud, none for speculation.
The villagers should develop such a high degree of skill that articles prepared by them should command a ready market outside. When our villages are fully developed, there will be no dearth in them of men with a high degree of skill and artistic talent. There will be village poets, village artists, village architects, linguists and research workers. In shout, there will be nothing in life worth having which will not be had in the villages.
Today the villages are dung heaps. Tomorrow they will be like tiny gardens of Eden where dwell highly intelligent folk whom no one can deceive or exploit. The reconstruction of the villages along these lines should begin right now….. The reconstruction of the villages should not be organized on a temporary but permanent basi
The best, quickest and most efficient way is to build up from the bottom . . . Every village has to become a self-sufficient republic. This does not require brave resolutions. It requires brave, corporate, intelligent work. . .
Harijan, 18-1-1922
Independence must begin at the bottom. Thus, every village will be a republic or Panchayat having full powers. It follows, therefore, that every village has to be self-sustained and capable of managing its affairs even to the extent of defending itself against the whole world. It will be trained and prepared to perish in the attempt to defend itself against any onslaught from without. Thus, ultimately, it is the individual who is the unit.
Our Nomination for Future Nobel Peace Prize

Dr. Manmohan Singh, The man of (in) action like Obama the US President
His Greatest achievement
· He signed nuclear agreement no body knows for sure what it has and what it do not, changing India’s position of fifty years on NPT, “ Al Bardai got Nobel for why not Manmohan”
· We have taken risk of loosing government and declared it in Japan that we will go ahead with nuclear treaty there. ( When we are promised a aircraft full of …………..promises, and with this………….we bought ( Amar Singh Came to our rescue and with our old friend Lalu, do you know? We don’t need them now so we dump them just like you BIG BROTHER)…………….and we sold………… …sorry…….WHER IS OUR AWARD? We won the vote of confidence …………poor communist will never understand economics of becoming rich………..over night………..
· We removed Mani Shanker Aiyer as petroleum minister, no body knows real reason. ( IPI Pipe line which BIG BROTHER DON’T WANT)
· We have become aligned from NAM (Non aligned movement) country.
· We will continue to buy all kinds arms and ammunation from BIG BROTHER.
· We are ready to sale all our Jewel ( NAVARATNA)
· Soon we will sign Doha; we have changed our minister now, Kamal Nath who was not willing to sign and talking to much like Mani Shanker Aiyer.

Bapu Forgive US but Please don’t Forget US we need you for next election, we can’t win it without you.

Bapu we will continue to forget you, and forget your sustainable and village center approach of development and continue to serve interest of different lobbies, we will continue to sell all jewels in our treasury “NAVRATNA”.

Bapu don’t forgive us and we will not forget and forgive you too, we too need you to win election.
“ We came to Power for Killing you, sorry killing your ideas of one nation, one people and equal rights”
By demolition Babri Masjid Sorry by demolishing your idea of “ Ishwar Allah Tere Nam Sab Ko Sanmati De Bhagwan”
Bapu next election we will repeat Gujrat Riot across the nation to come to power, sorry again by mistake sorry “ We will Gujarat Shining, India Shining” for next election.
Bapu please…………. No more excuse………… you must come to our rescue ……… are also Guajarati………..if you help me I will be PM……………..balle…………balle…….no more …. balle…..balle ………………
Only Jai Sri Ram
See , we thrown out our long time friend and partner Jaswant Singh for speaking truth, it is very bitter “ Karela aur wo bhi neem chada”
Now don’t have any Mukhauta ( Govidacharya can come and fill the gap) ………….sorry our great leader for future election……….who has ability to keep truth hiding, you must help us to come to our you always goes with “B” team, we are real Indian, we are Aryan you must help us, like Krishna. Yes we don’t have Draupadi, Subhadra but still we have Sushma and Vasundhara………………Bapu…… …please…….we have only one hope…………..Gujarat………