Monday, June 13, 2011

Govt favoured RIL in gas contract: CAG

Govt favoured RIL in gas contract: CAG

Is this the first time? If we look at history of reliance and Dhirubhai Ambani, during licence raj. This is history of GOD father, GOD father of reliance, their fooprint in corridores of power. Past and present government has always helped them over others.

Even before they can acquire land for Jamnagar refinery, IPO came, which is approved by government. UTI invested 850 crore(8.5 in it, it is pre IPO subscription. No one really sure and it ws debated during UTI US64 debacle which government rescued.

The famous rivary between Reliance and Bombay Dying and assault on Nusli Wadia was well known. For sure no one really known the 8500 companies which are the persons acting on consent in reliance who are they?

These 8500 private comapnies are source of corruption and used for channelling benefits and money to the their political GOD father.

The c

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