Monday, June 8, 2015

Indian Maggi sales halted in Dubai

Sunday, Jun 07, 2015
Dubai: A Dubai Municipality official confirmed shops have been asked to halt sales of Maggi noodles made in India.
Officials in India have said samples of Maggi made in India tested positive for unacceptably high levels of lead.
Maggi maker Nestle has said its internal tests, as well as external lab reports, showed Maggi is safe to eat but has voluntarily recalled the product from shops in India on a temporary basis.
In India, there is an official ban on sale of locally made Maggi in some Indian states while other states continue to sell it.
In Dubai, Maggi made in Malaysia, rather than in India, is imported and distributed to local retailers, Nestle Middle East and Dubai Municipality have said, adding that the product is safe.
However, some Dubai shops directly import Maggi from India to cater to mostly Indians who prefer Maggi flavours and varieties made in India.
Following developments in India, Dubai shops have been asked to stop selling Maggi made in India, said Khalid Al Awadhi, Director, Food Control Department, Dubai Municipality .
There is no change in policy towards Maggi made in Malaysia and shops can continue selling that, he added.
Meanwhile, Nestle continues to maintain all Maggi products, regardless of their origin, are safe to eat. It said in a statement that it “reassures consumers in the Middle East that all Maggi products sold are safe and compliant with the highest quality standards.
“We are continuously engaging with authorities in our region and we thank them for their active collaboration.
“Quality and food safety are our top priority and we perform regular tests on our raw material and finished products to ensure food safety and full compliance”.
Dhananjay Datar, managing director of retail chain Al Adil Trading, said the company has destroyed its stock of Maggi made in India. He added that following a query on the status of Maggi made in India, there was an instruction from the municipality on Friday to stop sales of the product.
Hypermarket chain Lulu Middle East earlier said the Maggi noodles sold in their shops are not from India.
“All the Maggi noodles sold here in our shops are from Nestle Middle East and sourced from Malaysia. We don’t import from any other country,” V. Nandakumar, chief communications officer at Lulu Group, had said.
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Monday, June 1, 2015



Friday, May 29, 2015
Dubai: While convenient, keeping your mobile phone at arm’s length when one is sleeping has proven to affect quality of sleep, and even health.
Research conducted by several universities and doctors has shown that radiation emitted from mobile phones, especially 3G and 4G-enabled smart phones, delays and disrupts sleep.
Dr Saeed Taghizadeh, specialist neurologist at Prime Hospital, pointed out that electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile phones also interferes with the body’s ability to heal.
He referred to research led by by Professor Bengt Arnetz, a Swedish professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which found that using a handset right before bed prolongs the amount of time it takes for people to reach a deep state of sleep.
“Anything that disrupts the quality of our sleep impacts our attentiveness and irritability in the short and long term.”
While productive sleep helps our bodies recover form the stresses of the day, the affects of being exposed to cell phone radiation through out the night is more likely to be evident in children and adolescents.
Dr Taghizadeh explained that sleeping beside a phone is especially bad for children and teenagers who typically need more sleep than adults.
“It can cause mood and personality changes such as [attention deficit hyperactivity disorder] ADHD-like symptoms and depression.”
Dr Fatima Nazir, general practitioner at Gardens Speciality Clinic, told Gulf News that experts are concerned about the effects of the radiation, as some research suggests that sleeping with your mobile by your bedside can cause dizziness and headaches, and can even trigger insomnia and other sleeping disorders.
“At the very least it makes us hyper vigilant so our sleep is more likely to be disturbed and we don’t get enough of the restorative sleep we need,” said Dr Nazir.
What happens when you sleep?
The hormone cortisol that signals us to wake up, and the hormone melatonin, which makes us sleepy are controlled by the light-sensitive cells in the brain.
“Light stimulates cells in the retina, the area at the back of the eye that transmits messages to the brain, and the light-sensitive cells inform the body what time it is,” explained Dr Fatima. When sleeping beside a mobile phone or tablet, the blue light emitted from the device has a stimulating effect. The cells in the retina are most sensitive to blue light because of a pigment called melanopsin, which is why reading on a phone or a tablet before bed is more likely to keep a person awake than reading a book using a bedside light.
“For this reason, experts advise a ban on screen time two to three hours before bed,” said Dr Fatima.
With smart phones replacing most traditional devices such as alarm clocks and flash lights, sleeping with your phone in the next room can be a big inconvenience.
However, it can be the solution for a good night’s sleep.
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Sunday, May 31, 2015


UAE Ministry of Health issues warning over wrong dosage instruction on Panadol Baby & Infant suspension packaging

Dubai: The Ministry of Health is warning the public that Panadol Children & Infant suspension product labels on the medicine box do not indicate the proper dosage levels.
Improper dosage levels could lead to children being given too much of the medicine, the ministry warned on Thursday in a public statement.
The Ministry of Health sent out the warning to inform all medical entities, heads of medical centers, managers of public and private hospitals, doctors, pharmacists and assistant pharmacists.
The ministry drew attention to all target audiences that changes will be made to the information printed on the medicine boxes of the manufacturing company Glaxosmithkine.
According to a statement released by the ministry, "dose specification found on the medicine box is wrong and this results in giving the child or the infact a dose that does not suit their age due to an excessive dose of Paracetamol entering the body which could lead to liver poisoning."
Dr. Amin Hussain Al Ameri, Assistant Undersecretary for Medical Practice and License Department in the Ministry of Health, signed the statement.
He could not be reached for comment by press time on Thursday.
Additionally, the Ministry of Health advises doctors to disregard the doses listed on the Panadol Infant and Children medicine boxes.
They are told to determine the necessary dose an infant should receive based on their age and weight until further notice from the Drug Management and Regulation section in the ministry.
The ministry has also provided a form for patients to fill out in case of any side effects provided by the ADR which can be found online on the website (

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Golden Rules of Leadership

Leadership is Care
Leadership is Action
The difference between success and failure is leadership. The qualities of GREAT LARDERS in Islamic perspective are as below.
1. True, constant and firm Faith.
2. Dignified personality.
3. Valorous and courageous
4. Steadfast and resolute of purpose.
5. Strength of will and ability to execute.
6. Charismatic and magnetic personality.
7. Eloquent.
8. Generosity and liberality.
9. A sense of justice and fair play.

1.   True, constant and firm Faith
It is essential for a LEADER to have true and firm Faith in order to lead in the political and missionary spheres. A strong, firm and solid faith leaves a lasting and deep influence on the personality. This is a basic virtue that empowers the heart with courage, valor and a total lack of fear and ambition
But the Muslim Leaders regard victory with modesty and humility as a blessing and gift of Allah Almighty. This attitude is solely due to trust, faith and a right sense of values. When the Prophet entered Makkah triumphantly after conquering it, his head was bowed low down to the hump of his horse ingratitude to Allah Almighty, His Creator. He declared universal amnesty for all the people of Makkah. Similarly, a successful Leader faces obstacles, problems and adverse conditions, instead of losing heart, turns and moves closer to Allah. He faces all difficulties with courage and bravery.
Calamities, misfortunes and problems have to be faced with patience and fortitude because they prove to be the forerunners of victory and success. And how does one inculcate these qualities? They are born of a deep and abiding faith in Allah Almighty; many a time, because of these qualities, events which bewilder man's powers of reason and logic occur in the battlefield

Leadership Qualities
2.   Dignified personality
In order to fulfill one's duties as Leader are made to pass through certain stages in the course of their training. Special care is taken to see that they are trained according to a certain manner. This is in order to cultivate an imposing and dignified personality.
The leader has to have discipline and a sense of order. Therefore men who have to fulfill the duties of Leader have to possess an impressive personality. This imposing dignity and a certain aura of majesty impresses and overawes the onlooker; and feelings of love, respect and reverence take root in his heart. This blessed quality of dignity is a gift of Allah Almighty. It can become part of one's personality only if there is true Faith, fear of Allah Almighty, integrity, and an effort to guard moral and ethical values.
Not one person had the courage to look the Prophet $ in the eye. When he spoke the effect was almost as if the persons addressed had been mesmerized and could not move. There is no parallel in human history of a person evoking such a response. He was respected, revered and inspired and loved.

3.   Valor and Courage
Only that person can fulfill the responsibilities of a leader who is the personification of bravery, valor, daring and fearlessness. When the conditions in war are extremely unfavorable only a daring and fearless man can overcome and control them. 'Ali says that whenever matters took a critical turn in a battle they used :, to look at the bold and confident attitude of the Prophet and gain courage. Whenever the fighting was at its most intense he would display extraordinary daring and nerve and move as close as possible to the enemy and try to over welcome him.

4.   Steadfast and resolute of purpose
The Quran gives a golden principle about how to inculcate and develop this invaluable quality of steadfastness and resoluteness. Allah Almighty says:
"O you who believe! If you will help (in the cause of) Allah, He will help you, and make your foothold firm." (47:7)
In order to attain and achieve this great quality one must be prepared to sacrifice one's life and possessions to propagate and promote the religion of Allah Almighty. Whosoever helps to spread the religion of Allah Almighty, he will find Him to be his Supporter and Protector.
And if Allah Almighty gives him His Support and Protection then he is assured success now and in the Hereafter. Steadfastness is the stepping stone to real success as the Noble Quran has instructed. The Noble Qur'an says:
"O you who believe! When you meet (an enemy) take a firm stand against them and remember the Name of Allah much (both with tongue and mind), so that you may be successful." (8:45)
Firmness of purpose and remembrance of Allah are very important for a Leader.
5.   Strength of will and ability to execute
Any successful Leader has to have a strong will and be competent and efficient enough to have his orders executed. If he does not have this ability he will not be able to do justice to his plan.
A determined Leader will be resolute and firm in malting a decision and also in implementing it boldly and courageously.  There are many such examples in life where person practices abstinence, has great faith in and fear of Allah Almighty, but lacks self confidence, will power and the element of firmness in the actual execution of a well thought out strategy. In other words, theoretical planning by itself is of no use unless there is practical application. A leader must have the ability to plan the strength of will to decide firmly, and then to execute the plan. A person who does not have all these qualities cannot be a successful leader in any sphere social, political or Leader.
It is this element that gives continuity and a logical follow up to action. Allah says:
"Then, when you have taken a decision, put your trust in Allah certainly, Allah loves those who put their trust (in Him)."
Brave people always practice in every field; with firm and determined action they perform incredible and remarkable deeds. Lack of sturdy resolve makes a person act according to momentary whims and caprices, and he cannot by any means carry out the onerous responsibilities of a successful leader. Thus it is essential for a Leader that strength of will be very much part and parcel of his temperament.
6.   Charismatic and magnetic personality
All the qualities mentioned above pertain to the character and capabilities of the ideal Leaderand not to his physical appearance. But when a leader is selected it should be borne in mind that his physical attributes also have an effect on the development of his personality as a whole; besides they also affect the beholder as well as his subordinates
In social interaction smartness in dress, good manners and a certain elegance of style play a very positive role in winning over people. In this context if one studies the personal habits of the Prophet one sees how particular he was as regards personal hygiene, neatness and cleanliness. People would realize he had passed by a street because he left an aura of perfume behind hm. whenever he met delegations he would make it a point to dress well. Besides being cultured and well mannered a leader also has to have a fine physique.
7.   Eloquence
Eloquence and oratorical skills can be used to great effect to rouse emotions and feelings. A skillful orator through his eloquence can change the course of things, and can turn a peaceful environment into a flaming volcano. A Leader with his eloquence can inflame his men with a burning desire to go and get it done, and thus easily gain supremacy.
A trait shared by all notable Leaders in history has been eloquence. All appropriate and timely extempore and passionate address can have a magical effect on the men. In Leader schools the officers who are chosen to command are specially educated and trained in the skills of oratory, so that they can use this skill when the need arises. Every Leader must possess this ability.

8.   Generosity and liberality
A head of any department or establishment should be a liberal, beneficent and just person; this leads to many good results. A liberal person is universally loved and respected, and this helps him to perform his duties of leadership more easily and better.
Prophet said: "A generous and munificent person is closer to Allah Almighty, people and Paradise.”
Philanthropy and generosity adds great dignity to personalities.
The Prophet Peace be upon Him was extremely generous; often he would fill up the pulses of the needy to such an extent that prosperity and well being became theirs for life. It is but a fact of human nature that a generous person who benefits others is more loved and respected by others.
When a Leader behaves with compassion, generosity and kindness with all his subordinates in the, then it is only natural that they will love him and obey hm. Leadership and generosity are very closely bound to each other. During the training of Leaders the elements of compassion, generosity and kindness should be inculcated and the advantages resulting there from pointed out to them.
9.   A sense of justice and fair play
If all human beings behaved in a just and fair manner, society would be transformed and peace and tranquility would prevail. If person is unfair he will arouse great resentment and hatred. And this will affect his practical life. The Noble Qur'an enjoins this  "Be just: that is nearer to piety." (5:8)
Justice, impartiality, abstinence and fear of Allah are qualities which add radiance to personal magnetism. These are some basic characteristics which should be an essential part of the mental and physical makeup of any Leader. If the training centers pay attention to the inculcation and development of these qualities the Muslim nations will be able to produce great and efficient soldiers of Allah Almighty.