Monday, April 18, 2011

Debt: Obama Plays Down S&P Outlook Change - CNBC

Debt: Obama Plays Down S&P Outlook Change - CNBC

  • When Credit Rating Agencies Downgrade other it is their economic acumen and financial models unfortunately when they take shot at US then it become political.

  • It will not work much, US may buy some time before it it is really discredited and corrupted but TIME of US is gone.

  • US must shape up, clean up and shut up if they want to servive.

  • All super power was destroyed because of their arrogance before. There will not be any exception. Their is no other way out than cleaning the toxic from system, if toxic is not cleaned, dooms day is not far away. The police of US for dis crediting S and P is not in its favor but no one will trust rating agenciea and they should not be trusted.

  • Soon ---------------- JUNK BOND........................ US TREASURY............. STATUS JUNK

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