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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Steadfast in Principles

Steadiness on principles

The stronger a person's personality is, and the firmer he remains on his principles and the more important he becomes.  Your principles may include that you do not take a bribe, no matter how beautifully it is referred to it: a tip, a gift, a commission, and so on.  Remain firm on your principles.
A wife may have the principle of never lying to her husband, regardless of how beautified it may be made for her in order to get along with him by using white lies.  Let her remain firm on her principles.
Such principles include not maintaining unlawful relationships with the opposite gender and not drinking alcohol. If a person does not smoke and one day sits with his friends who are smokers, then let him remain firm on his principles.
A person who sticks to his principles is seen as a hero, even if his friends pass judgment on him and accuse him of being difficult. You will find that many of these friends would certainly turn to him while facing great difficulties, or for advice concerning private matters.  They would consider him to be a more important person than the others.
This is not applicable for one gender in exclusion to the other.  Rather, it applies equally to men and women.  Be firm in your principles and do not waiver, or else people will subdue you.
When Islam became dominant and tribes began sending envoys to the Messenger of Allah an envoy from the Thaqif tribe came with ten odd men.  When they arrived, the Messenger of Allah brought them to the mosque so they may hear the Qur'an.
They asked him about usury, fornication and alcohol, so he informed that they were forbidden.  They also had an idol which they would honor and worship following their forefathers which was named arRabbah (i. e.  Goddess) and they used to describe it as atTaghiyah (the tyrant).  They had concocted various stories and tales about it to convince people of its strength. They asked the Prophet Sallallahhowsalam about arRabbah, as to what he would like to be done to it.  He replied without hesitation, "Destroyed. . . "
They were terrified and said, "Impossible! If she knew that you wanted to destroy it, she would annihilate everyone!"
'Umar, who was present in the gathering, was amazed at their fear of the idol being destroyed.  He said, "Woe be to you, 0 Thaqif! How ignorant you are! ArRabbah is just a stone that neither can benefit nor harm!"
They became angry and said, "We have not come to speak to you, 0 Ibn alKhattab!" 'Umar became silent.
They then said, "we want to stipulate a condition that you leave atTaghiya alone for three years, after which you may destroy it if you wish:'
The Prophet Sal’lallah ho’wsalam realized that they were attempting to negotiate on an issue of creed, which is the greatest principle in a Muslim, since the oneness of Allah is the very foundation of Islam!
However, if they really were about to become Muslims, then why the need to remain attached to this idol?
The Prophet Sal’lallah ho’wsalam replied, "No. "
They said, "OK, then leave it for two years, and then you can destroy it:'
"No," he replied.
They said, "OK, then leave it for a year only!" "No", he replied.
When they realized that he would not respond to their wished, they also realized that the issue was that of polytheism and faith, and therefore not open to bargaining!

They said, "0 Messenger of Allah, you be the one to destroy it. W can never destroy it ourselves. "
The Prophet Sal’lallah ho’wsalam said, "I will send someone to you who will spare you from having to destroy it.”
They said, "As for the prayer, then we do not want to pray, since we have a disdain for a man's bottom being higher than his head!"
The Prophet Sal’lallah ho’wsalam replied, "As for destroying your idols by your own hands, then we have absolved you from that, but as for the prayer, then there is no good in a religion that has no prayer!"
They replied, "We will do so, even if we scorn it," and made an agreement with the Prophet Sal’lallah ho’wsalam.
They went back to their people and called them to Islam, and the people became Muslims, albeit reluctantly.
There then came to them some men from the companions of the Messenger of Allah in order to destroy the idol.  The men included Khalid bin al Walid and alMughirah bin Shu'bah alThaqafi.

As the Companions headed for the idol, the people of Thaqif became terrified.  Their men, women and children came out to observe the idol.  They had a feeling in their hearts that the idol would not be destroyed and that it would somehow defend itself.
ALMughirah bin Shu'bah stood up, took an axe and turned to the Companions who were with him and said, "By Allah, I will make you laugh over Thaqif!"
ALMughira bin Shu'bah then approached the idol, struck it with the axe, fell on the ground and began to shake his leg.  Upon seeing this, the people of Thaqif screamed with joy, "May Allah distance alMughirah from His mercy! ArRabbah has killed him!" They then turned to the rest of the Companions and said, "Whoever of you wants to break the idol, let him step forward!"
Thereupon, alMughirah stood up laughing and said," Woe to you, 0 people of  Thaqif! I was only joking! This idol is only made of stone! Turn to Allah in repentance and worship Him alone!"
He then turned to the idol to destroy it whilst the people were still there, looking on.  He finally destroyed the idol, stone by stone, until it was leveled it to the ground.

Revelation •••
Whoever seeks people's pleasure at the displeasure of Allah, Allah becomes displeased with him, as do the people.  And whoever seeks the pleasure of Allah for the displeasure of people, Allah becomes pleased with him, as do the people"