Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mothers Supplication Are Answered

Mothers Supplication Are Answered
This is a story of one of the great scholar of Islam whose name and work will be studied and whose narrations of Quotes of Prophets Peace be Upon Him will be read till the end of world. He will be remembered and so is his mother. His name is Muhammad bin Ismail al Bukhari who wrote the Book of Hadith Sahih Bukhari.
When this young boy lost his eye sight his mother got worried. Her strong faith in Allah made her to Allah day and night, and her Prayers are answered.
Many centuries ago, a woman married a man named, Ismail, who, having studied under the tutelage of Imam Malik, became a venerable scholar in his own right. ‘One of the fruits of their blessed marriage was the birth of a son, whom they named Muhammad. Shortly afterwards, however, Ismail died, leaving behind a great deal of wealth for his wife and young son. The mother then took up the full responsibility of giving her son a good Islamic upbringing. She might have had ideas about her son becoming a noble scholar, but sadly, there was a barrier preventing that from happening.7. .the boy was blind. These days, it is perhaps not so impossible for someone who is blind to pursue a higher education. Yet in those days, in order to become a scholar one had to travel from country to country and from Shaikh to Shaikh,something that was of course difficult for a blind person.
Yet the mother did not lose hope: with sincerity and good intention, she constantly invoked Allah for help. Then one night, while she was sleeping, she saw the Prophet Ibrahim AlaihiSalam  in a dream. He said to her, "Indeed, because of your many supplications, Allah has returned your son's sight back to him." The woman woke up with a start, went to her son, and saw that the dream had come true. How perfect Allah is! Indeed, He is the One Who answers the supplications of those who are in need. After Allah blessed her son, Muhammad bin Ismail, with the ability to see again, the mother set him on a course of studying and learning. Later ill his life, that boy grew up to compile a book that is the second most authentic book in the world - the most authentic being the Book of Allah.
The name of that book is Sahib. Bukhari. Yes, its author's full name is Muhammad bin Ismail Al-Bukhari, whom Allah blessed with knowledge, a brilliant mind, and a retentive memory.

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