Thursday, July 19, 2012

Contributions of Muslim Scientist to the world of Physics


·         Force, Motion and Light
·         The balance
·         Elasticity of Air
·         Steam Bath
·         Science of Optics
·         Research in Spherical and Parabolic Mirrors
·         Research in Angles of Incidence and reflection

Muslim Scientist studied the fundamental questions of physics deeply. Ibn Sina made profound studies of such phenomena as force, motion, light heat and vacuums name few. A great progress was made in theoretical and applied mechanics.
The physicist and astronomer al-Khazini wrote a book on mechanics and hydrostatics and physics known as Kitab Mizan al Hikmah ( book of Balance of Wisdom. Umar al-Khayyam did the greatest work on the balance. Ibn Sina and Al-Razzi ( D 924CE) contributed to the theory of balance. Muslims developed science of optics. Ibn al-Haytham made a remarkable contribution towards this science. Indeed modern optics began with him. Al biruni noticed that the speed of light is immensely greater than that of light. 

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