Monday, July 4, 2011

Country of Rich God and Poor People

Kerala temple could be the richest in country This is not the only temple which is rich. This lies in India's Varn Vyavastha which has made Temples and Their Priest Rich. They are sole owner of the national wealth. Indian poor remain hungry but riches goes to temple and they remain rich. This has percolated to Mazar and shrines also. The economic status of majority lower caste, and status of upper caste minority is clear indication of exploitation. Today the 4%+10% upper class ( Brahmins+ Shatriya+Vaishave) governs more than than 80% wealth in the country, even after 60 years of independents Burocracy still has 70% domination of upper class and industry is their bastion. The present system and system which is adopted by present government is for making rich more rich and poor .........poorer. This is post independent story. Call it the mother of all treasure hunts. The stock-taking by a panel of experts at the Sree Padmanabha Swamy temple has catapulted the shrine located here to the country's richest, with reports claiming that the value of recoveries may have touched close to Rs 1 lakh crore, more than Kerala public debt of Rs 70,969 crore.

  To whom this wealth belongs The wealth of all religious shrines and temples must be governed independetly and used for the welfare of people. Even though there is billions of dollars in Waqf properties in India, everything is mis used by government nominated boards and ministers. Peoples are building Mansions on it. Mukesh Ambani billion dollar home is built on Waqf property. These properties really belongs to peoples and must be used for welfare of the peoples of nations. Temples, Mazars and for that matter all such institutions must be controlled and governed in most transparent way and this wealth must be used for welfare. If this is done India will not have poor and hungry anywhere. The best method is using this wealth, including Waqf for creating welfare institutuins and running them. The infrastructure of the Hospitals and Schools and Colleges, Orphanages should be created with this money. After creating these institution should be run Professionally or some other scheme's should be designed so that every one in the society get the benefits. No one has right to hold these properties to ransom when peoples are dying of hunger. The Waqf has billions of dollars assets in Delhi alone, What is the use? Waqf are created for welfare of the people? All these treasure are national wealth and should be used for welfare of people. I do not trust the present corrupt government and their mechanism for this purpose. Nation needs much more transparent and accountable mechanism to use these treasures for welfare of the people. 

 Thiruvananthapuram: Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple in Kerala could well be the richest in the country as unofficial estimates Saturday, the sixth day of preparing an inventory of treasures in its six chambers, suggested the value of its gold, diamond and other precious metals at close to Rs one lakh crore. The inventory of the temple here, maintained by the erstwhile royal family of Travancore, is being made by a seven-member Supreme Court-appointed panel. The stock-taking process was ordered by the Supreme Court following a petition by advocate TP Sundararajan over mismanagement of the temple affairs. On Monday, ahead of entering the temple chambers for the first time, the committee chairman, retired Kerala High Court judge MN Krishnan, said he hoped to finish the entire process by the end of the week. The temple has a total of six chambers, named A to F by the committee. With chamber B yet to be opened and chamber A's accounting ending on Saturday, and two more chambers left unopened yet, it is expected that the inventory process may continue for a few more days. The inventory of a chamber opened on Friday could only be completed Saturday. The committee, which includes a gemmologist, stumbled upon a nearly four-foot-tall statue of Lord Vishnu in gold and studded with emeralds. Other precious items that were accounted for Saturday included several golden statues, almost all weighing two kg each. Among other things are a gold necklace as long as 15 feet, and crowns studded with emeralds, rubies and diamonds. The chamber is situated around 20 feet under the ground. The committee conducted the examination using artificial lights. As of now, the Balaji temple in Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh is believed to be the richest temple in the country, followed by Shirdi Sai Baba shrine in Maharashtra.


  1. Nice article. But I feel people donate to their religion. Would be a good idea if money of the religious institution is used for their respective faiths. Hindu temples come under the respective state governments under endowment act

  2. Good article on the basis of facts and figure. Yes most of religious management bodies are corrupt