Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japan Nuclear Disaster & India's Nuclear Agreement

Huge blast at Japan Nuclear Plant

India has signed a nuclear agreement with US and as agreed passed by the IAEA. For this purpose Mr. Prime Minister has betrayed their partner and went ahead for vote in parliament. Poor Left Front never understood it and those who supported this motion do not as well. The so called secular Mr. Mulayam Singh Yadav.

After this Earthquake followed by huge Tsunami. I have few questions for Indias proponents of nuclear treaty.

What are the standards and can Indian Nuclear Plant stand the disaster, specially the newly proposed Jaitapur Power Plant.

What is the cost of energy and cost of managing disaster and cost of post disaster. Country like India which is poor just do not have enough resources to manage disaster.

Bhopal Gas Tragedy is well known example, still after 25 years fight is on and no justice.

Bombay flooding in 26th July 2005.

Gujarat Earth Quake are some examples.

With Koyana Dam which is prone to EarthQuake government should think twice before going for Jaitapur or anyother nuclear plant.

The cost of treaty is very high. If we look at oil prices and its effect on inflation in India. We stop IPI gas pipeline to please the Masters who are willing to sell us disaster at huge cost.

This cost is today, when we are byuing costly oil rather than cheaper gas. We are paying huge for the Nuclear Energy and yes calling for disaster.

I request those who thinks to say no to Nuclear Plant in India.

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