Monday, March 14, 2011

India Budget 2011-2012 - 9% for rich, misery for poor

India Budget - The Road To No Where

If we look at the budget, which Mr. Prime Minister says for people. But even after hard work, I could not find anything for Aam Aadmi. The government which came to power saying they will serve Aam Aadmi, there is no Aam Aadmi in the Budget.

The allocation for Agriculture and Rural Sector are minimum. This will not, and can not change India's Aam Aadmi.

Yes this can definitely add to the wealth of wealthy people. 9% growth can be achieved and will be achieved but where is Aam Aadmi in it. The common man is no where.

I thought Pranab Babu will give old thought of common masses some weight but unfortunately the budget looks like it of P Chidambaram, and Montek Singh Ahluwalia has worked on it rather than Pranab Mukharji the Finance Minister.

If we look at it see what people's saying.

No Green Revolution, only the lip service. ( Mr. M S Swaminathan, member of NAC)

If we look at the India's hungry they are getting more hungry.

Super growth didn't help hungry kids

And yes inflation, what it is doing to the misery of poor. Everything is unaffordable.

'Misery index' clearly up: Guessing what this could mean

India need solution rather than patch up work as presently done by government.

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