Monday, January 28, 2013

Beard In Islam

Shaikh 'Abdur-Rahman As-Sa'idi stated that the Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him ordered us to trim our moustaches and grow our beards. He also informed us that to trim it (facial hair) is from the Majus and the polytheists; He warned his nation from following that misguided custom. So, truly it is strange that we see someone who believes in Allah and His Messenger, yet is stingy in following the example of the Prophet Peace Be Upon Him, the Companions, and the Tabi'een (successors of the Companions), Allah has honored men with beards and has made their beauty and character apparent in it, so woe to the one who shaves it, for he has disobeyed his Lord openly, Do all of those that shave their beards think that they have achieved a handsome appearance? Surely, they have not, since it shames the face of a man and takes away from its nobility. Following the misguided example of others often makes evil things seem comely. Did the people of knowledge not say that if anyone attacked another by shaving his beard and that if it did not ever grow again, then upon the attacker is the responsibility of paying full blood money? This illustrates the honor and good that Allah (the Exalted) has placed in men who keep beards. In parallel to the previous example, imagine the state of one who assaults his own honor and dignity by removing his beard.

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  1. Superb! I fear no one except Allah, he created hell and paradise. I wish to everyone who is racist to stop blaming us and try to talk it out. Blaming us all the time isn't the solution. The solution is one thing that will help. Other things that can help are educating the ignorant and doing actions that show how peaceful islam is. Islam is a religion of peace and the environment muslims live in give them the appearance of being a terrorist. Please if you can spread this message across the internet and try the solutions i just said. thanks a lot!
    Master of the highest Order