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Sunday, June 21, 2015

The First QUALITY OF A MUSLIM COMMANDER - True, constant and firm Faith

It is essential for a military man to have true and firm Faith in order to lead in the political and missionary spheres. A strong, firm and solid faith leaves a lasting and deep influence on the personality. This is a basic virtue that empowers the heart with courage, valor and a total lack of fear and ambition. Whether the army faces victory and glory or obstacles and defeat, intelligence and wisdom are never thrown off balance. In the battlefield whether faced with glorious triumph or humiliating defeat, only that army adopts a balanced viewpoint and mode of operation, which has the right faith and the right perspective.
It has often been seen in martial clustery that a victorious army and its general lose all sense of proportions and display a total loss of sense of proportion. It is intoxicated with it success and goes berserk. Civilians are killed, women are raped and human dignity is insulted and betrayed. The social system of the conquered territory is turned upside down, and social and moral values are eroded and destroyed.
But the Muslim generals regard victory with modesty and humility as a blessing and gift of Allah Almighty. This attitude is solely due to trust, faith and a right sense of values. When the Prophet entered Makkah triumphantly after conquering it, his head was bowed low down to the hump of his horse ingratitude to Allah Almighty, His Creator. He declared universal amnesty for all the people of Makkah. Similarly, a successful general who in war faces obstacles, problems and adverse conditions, instead of losing heart, turns and moves closer to Allah. He faces all difficulties with courage and bravery. This competence and ability is born of confident reliance on, and perfect and absolute trust in Allah Almighty.
This is the reason why the Prophet ,instead of losing hope in the disaster of the battle of Uhud led his injured Mujahedeen right up to Harnra' Al Asad in hot pursuit of the Quraish without giving them an opportunity to turn around and enter Al Madinah to celebrate their success. This shows that if the leading general is courageous and ambitious, he can recoup his losses and turn defeat into victory.Misfortunes and defeats fail to overcome his spirits and,ultimately it is this high morale which lifts up the sagging spirits of his soldiers and leads them to triumph.
One day the Commander in Chef of the Muslims, Messenger of Allah , was lying down in the shade of the Ka'bah, resting one of his most loyal Companion Khabbab bin Arait, who had suffered deeply from the Kuffar, asked him when Allah Almighty would help them; the suffering and cruelty had reached its utmost limits. The Prophet SAW sat-up and said: "0 Khabbab, Are you giving up so easily with just these little problems? Our predecessors who spoke up for the Truth and worshiped the Truth had suffered much more than us. Saws were used to tear them apart, and combs made of iron were used to rake their flesh, but they remained stubbornly adherent to the Truth. The greatest torture and tyranny failed to make them recant or retract an inch from their positions. 0 Khabbab, be patient and very soon you will see for yourself the gentle and halcyon days of peace everywhere. The land of Arab will become the cradle of loving and serene brotherhood. From San'a' to Hader Al Moat wayfarers will be able to travel in peace, with no fear of danger."
Calamities, misfortunes and problems have to be faced with patience and fortitude because they prove to be the forerunners of victory and success. And how does one inculcate these qualities? They are born of a deep and abiding faith in Allah Almighty; many a time, because of these qualities, events which be wilder man's powers of reason and logic occur in the battlefield. One of the greatest generals in the history of Islam, Khalid bin Waleed , right in front of the enemy fearlessly and boldly drank up a bottle of deadly poison. This lethal dose of poison did him no harm! This was because he had absolute faith that Allah Almighty could negate the effect of the poison. The enemy was "I did not fight in the battlefield for Amirul Mo'nliizeez 'Umarbin Khattab's; I fought to bring glory to Allah and Islam. I can continue to perform my duty even as an ordinary soldier. Therefore I do not regret receiving a letter of dismissal."Such an attitude can only be the result of the deep faith and a righteous viewpoint.