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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Default will not be a trigger for next melt down.

Greek PM to Reshuffle Cabinet; IMF 'Concerned' - CNBC

Will Greece be trigger point?

No I don't think so?

It will not be a trigger for next melt down, it is already discounted in market. It is smaller than Lehman default? The strigger needs to be bigger. There is nothing to worry? If it default, then it is best thing now. If not then it will default in next year or so. Present situation of Europe is much better than USA. The toxic is in the system there and financial system.

European default in general will not be trigger for next meltdown? After Greece........ Irland...... Spain.........Portugal...........Italy. One at a time. Still no problem. They all will default in next three to five years time, if not now. Let us clean it.

Global meltdown trigger can only come from USA, I am waiting for AIG or Goldman, they will be the trigger for collapse.

In my opinion Fed will go for next round of easing and then let us wait for more.

This will be 3 to 5 years. And best job guarantee is War?

War is coming? Libya is one, Yemen next, then Syria and yes Sudan. This how to create jobs for 10% unemployeed US.

Arab world has started changing but now, this is turn of Europe to change.

Greece, Space and many more more regime will change.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The best option for Greece is to default

Euro Debt Crisis: Greece Crippled by Protests, Strike Over Austerity - CNBC

Greece are already junk grade CCC and nothing more to lose. The best option today for them is to default. Dubai defaulted and restryctured and now moving slowly so is Iceland. in 1996 currency crisis Indonesia along with other nations used the gimmick.
Why the nation and peoples pay for the American Mess? Let there be default, give the bond holder including the master of the ring Goldman big haircut. It will take some time but Greece will be soon out of crisis.
Default will help Greece to come out of the crisis soon. If we look at history of default then, Argentina and many more defaulted. The bond holder who paid for corruption and luxury must be held responsible and given good haircut on their value.
Why future generations pay for the crisis?
No to mess? No to Printing Press? No to Printing money worth nothing.
For the bright future and safe and secure tommorrow for the next generation best solution is default.
The bond holder must pay for their risk?
This is only way out.