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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Clinton pledges increased aid for Libya . Who need aid? US or Libya?

Clinton pledges increased aid for Libya - Africa - Al Jazeera English

Who need aid? Bankrupt America or Wealthy Libya?

When I saw this headline today, I am really surprised, American Secretary of State has offered 41 million USD in aid to Libya. Who need aid? This is biggest question came to my mind?
Why America is so generous with this Islamist today? Suppose to be arch enemies of America. The fact of matter is that today Libya's sovereign wealth fund is worth 156 Billion USD and Libya has gold in Central bank 150 ton to 180 ton and most important it has oil.
In last 40 years American companies did not secure any major contract in Libya? This is because of hostilities between two countries, today the renovation for oil sector will be 30 billion USD opportunity and yes many benefits.
To get American interest moving in hostile Libya, this is what Mrs. Hillary Clinton is shaking hand warmly with Islamist, she can do further, as American history shows and fact it is same today, she can offer many more things to Islamist in Libya. Everything on offer is game of if, if they promise to toe the line of USA policy and give all kinds of concessions and opportunities to American companies. This is well known fact, in Iran - Iraq war, America supplied missiles and many hardware and software to Iran, back door politics. Still American is playing same game. Arab should understand double game of America.
America is not friend of anybody except ITSELF.

What Mrs. Clinton offered is not aid but what called in good word " facilitation charges", lobbying and promotion of American interest, some call it protecting American interest. I call it bribe given to exploit all kind of social, political and business opportunities in Libya. Otherwise America is bankrupt and do not have enough money to pay for it's own citizens healthcare.