Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dua , Supplication and Invocation for Different Occasion

Dua for when wake up from sleep

Due The Fortress of  Muslim

Dua When You Start Something

Dua When You see a 

Kalamaa Shahadat

Dua When you wish to start something

Dua When go out of home

Dua for Prophet when name is mentioned

Dua when some one does good

Dua When enter home

Dua When Sneeze

Dua When see something good

Dua When Someone sneezes

Dua to Reply to sneeze 

Dua after meal

Dua for eating with other person

Dua after adhan

Dua after meeting

Dua after fast

Dua to enter toilet

Dua after come out of toilet

Dua to enter masjid

Dua when for coming out of masjid

Dua for  any sad news 

Dua when some one is sad

Dua when visit sick person

Dua when face enemy

Dua when angry

Dua entering graveyard

Dua When sleep

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